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Saturday saw us in Bristol, for English National Ballet's Romeo and Juliet. Pretty good, though I didn't get the finer nuances.

Sunday sees us heading to Cardiff for the RWC2015 quarter final between Ireland and Argentina. An Ireland victory, after a closer game than last night's NZ - France, seems on the cards, which will suit me.
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We went to the wonderfully gothic (and just plain wonderful) Tyntesfield House yesterday. After a walk through the grounds, where we heard and saw a jay, and heard a greater spotted woodpecker, we had a tour of the house, led by a guide and a conservator.

Staff were packing up the house ready for filming - "Watch the BBC this time next year" was all they were allowed to say.

This is the house:

The whole album is at:
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ETA: Google and Flickr tell me that she is the Kaskelot.
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0. Three green olives; two slices of freshly-baked foccacia; home-made butter.
1. A picnic. A miniature quiche lorraine, filled with foam. A scotch egg, containing a soft-bolied quali's egg. A tiny coronation chicken open sandwich. Potato and truffle salad, with marble-sized potatoes.
2. Cucumber gazpacho with frozen horseradish.
3. Tomato and mozzarella salad; but I can't eat tomatoes, so I had beetroot and mozarella salad.
4. Lemon sole with peas and scrumps.
5. Loin of pork with barbecue sauce and crackling.
6. Strawberries with a strawberry reduction and balsamic vinegar.
7. Chocolate and lavender mousse, with dark salt chocolate, and toast.
8. Pine nut panna cotta and Amalfi lemon sorbet, with the scent of the Amalfi coast (ie three lemons on a bed of marble chips, onto which the waiter poured liquid nitrogen).

Accompanied by:
A. A bottle of Devil's Corner, a Tasmanian pinot noir.
B. A carafe of tap water.
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I have a busy morning ahead:
- collect two packets from the post office (shoes and shaving soap, I think)
- get my hair cut
- take several things to the tailor for repairs and alterations
- collect my watch from being repaired
- and maybe take some books to Oxfam.

This was very badly planned, as it is a Saturday of the World Cup. I might just get to see the rest of Fiji - South Africa, but I have no chance of making Ireland - Australia later on. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

ETA: And continuing to think about the game, there are some rugby terms you just don't seem to hear any more. "Wing forward". "First five-eighth". "No side". "End of the first day's play". "Goal from mark".


May. 26th, 2011 08:13 am
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Either our car goes to the garage more often than I had realised, or the local garage owner is good with names and faces. He addressed me by name when I took the car round to the garage this morning.
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New additions:
- green woodpecker
- redwing

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(1) I think that William and Kate should put the wedding out to tender. Venues would be falling over themselves to host it - think of the extra business they'd get! If the happy couple manage it correctly, they could even turn a profit.

(2) I like today's Matt cartoon.

(3) I'm not obsessed by royal weddings, really! So, for your delectation and delight - The ultimate kitten snuggle. Stay with it 'til the reveal.
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(4) "This is Battlelore’s first concept album – all the lyrics together tell the story of J.R.R. Tolkien’s tragic hero Túrin Turambar and his kin." How depressing is that?

(5) Come to Loughborough in 2012!

(6) We had a good look at a fox two evenings ago.

(7) A waxwing has made it down to Bristol! I hope it hangs around for a bit (or goes back to get its friends).
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I went into Bristol today, and took my camera. At Source Food, I saw this magnificent monkfish.

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Album here.

Slideshow here.
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The Guardian's take ...

ETA: A bottle which lay hidden in Clifton Rocks Railway since the 1940s has a story to tell about Bristol.

ETA2: From this month's Ansible: Outraged Letters. Charlie Stross shares an all too familiar artistic experience: 'My editor at Ace just emailed me the art department's idea of a cover for Rule 34. / My reply was along the lines of: "You know it's set in Scotland? Handguns are illegal here. Also: policewomen don't usually wear red leather corsets on duty ..."'
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We went to Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery on Sunday. Among other exhibits, they had the Thornbury Hoard - 14,600 (I think) small coins, each one a nummus of copper alloy, from around 330 AD. They had been buried in an urn or pot.

There was a bit of commentary with them - when they were made, where they were made, who was depicted on them, how they were found etc. But it didn't address the question of why there were so many coins of identical value.

So, oh wise FList - any ideas???


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