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- and I think the time has come for adaese and me to admit that we are not going to get round to sending Christmas cards to all of our wonderful friends and family. Please accept our apologies and please have a wonderful Christmas, New Year and holiday.
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Molly wishes her ever-expanding fan club a Merry Christmas.

(And so do we).

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- ten free bottles of wine (from the shop we bought our new kitchen from)
- two bags of sand (it's complicated)
- a bottle of 10 year old Glenmorangie at a knock-down price, plus beer, peel, cranberries, sugar and a Radio Times
- five more Christmas cards
- and, just now, a delivery of fruit, veg and dairy.

It's beginning to look a bit more like Christmas.

ETA: And not yet received, but backed on Kickstarter:
- Athena's Daughters, Volume 2.

And now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas )
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holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

(Please feel free to comment either anonymously or, er, onymously?)
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Merry Christmas, everyone!


Dec. 21st, 2012 04:51 pm
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I have finished work, and now have eleven days off. The way I feel now, I fully expect to spend the first three of them asleep.

Snore ...
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holiday love meme 2012
My thread is here

Go on, spread some Christmas cheer. :D (Also, do link me to yours so I can tell you just what a fabulous person I think you are!)


Dec. 27th, 2010 07:07 am
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And there's some cold pheasant left over for my breakfast.
Happy other Boxing Day, everyone!

ETA: I think that Strauss will let Trott get his 150 and Prior his 100, then declare.
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The ten most watched programmes on British TV on Christmas Day. Bold the ones you watched.

1. EastEnders - 11.7 million peak (11.4 million average)
2. Doctor Who - 10.7 million (10.3)
3. Come Fly With Me - 10.3 million (10.3)
4. The Royle Family - 10.2 million (9.9)
5. Strictly Come Dancing - 9.6 million (9.4)
6. Coronation Street - 9.1 million (9)
7. The One Ronnie - 8.5 million (7.9)
8. Emmerdale - 7.8 million (7.2)
9. Shrek The Third - 7.5 million (7.2)
10. BBC News - 7.2 million (7.2)


Boxing Day

Dec. 26th, 2010 08:00 am
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Australia 98 all out.

England 157 for no wicket.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

ETA: I'm not sure what the cover has to do with the contents ...
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1. Feigning joy and surprise at the gifts we despise over mulled wine with you

2. "Bah, humbug!" No, that's too strong, 'Cause it is my favorite holiday

3. Oh my love we've had our share of tears, Oh my friend we've had our hopes and fears

4. I believe in woman, my oh my, I believe in lovin', my oh my

5. Now is the solstice of the year, winter is the glad song that you hear.

6. Christmas coming around again eh? Yeah I mean it must be nearly a year since the last one

7. Try to imagine, A house that's not a home

8. When winter's shadowy fingers, First pursue you down the street

9. Snow is falling all around me, Children playing having fun

10. Hello...... you the new butler?
Hahaha! Well, it's been a long time since I've been the new anything!
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Let's give this a try ...

Comment with a word - one word - for what Christmas means to you.

And just to make it interesting, you can't use the same word as anybody else.


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