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Three good things for Wednesday:
- a glass of Highland Park
- Michael Wood on BBC4
- and the prospect of the plans of the Repulse.
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I need to think of good things ...
We had lunch at The Salutation Inn yesterday
We are going inside Stonehenge next Monday
I have read interesting library books on PoW exchanges in WWII (largely arranged through Lisbon) and German / British double agents in WWII (largely making contact with Germany through Lisbon)
The March Ansible has arrived
This white Burgundy is still very pleasant, two days after opening

Grandad (Colin Wells) with Ch Woodlark, c1959 - 60.
Colin Wells with Ch Woodlark c. 1959-60

Tolkien slept here: http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/letters/11824442.Follow_the_Tolkien_Trail_at_Mordiford_/
I have booked sleeper tickets south from Inverness. We are aiming to do the whole journey, Bristol - Skye - Harris - Inverness - Bristol surface by public transport (although there may be the odd taxi thrown in, and hire cars on the islands).

Yes, I know it's the Daily Fail (complete with inaccurate reporting), but there are lots of great photos here.
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On this day, I am thinking of my great uncle Harry. He died seventy years ago today, on 10 December 1941.

Harry was a Chief Engine Room Artificer in the Navy, and was serving on board HMS Repulse. His ship sailed from Singapore as part of Force Z, and was sunk by Japanese planes a few days later.

On 1 January 1941, he had been awarded the BEM:
"The King has been graciously pleased to approve of the following Awards: —
The Medal of the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for Meritorious Service:
Chief Engine Room Artificer Harry Hector Wood, D/M.18331."

I never knew him (obviously!); I don't know if my father ever met his uncle, but if he did he probably wouldn't remember, as he would have been no more than a toddler at the time. But still, he was a member of my family; one who served his country; was decorated for this; and who, ultimately, died in the service of his country.

I bear no-one ill-will over his death; but I think it right that he should be remembered.
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The phone rang yesterday evening, and when I picked it up, I found it was my grandmother! She was at home, having been released from hospital that afternoon. She was still coughing, but sounded very bright and cheerful.

It was really good to hear from her, and I am so pleased that she is home.
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A very good weekend

My father came down on Friday evening. On Saturday, we went to Slimbridge, where we saw a peregrine chasing a few hundred lapwings and dunlin (although it didn't get any, as far as we could see). It was a truly magnificent spectacle.

This was followed by lunch at the Old Spot Inn in Dursley, which I've been to twice before - great welcome, great food, great beer.

On Saturday afternoon, my sister and her family also came down, and we went to the nearby playground.

On Sunday morning, my father left us to go back home. We had a very quiet day after that, with just a bit of gentle pottering around, and a walk up to see the local moorhens.

And that evening, we had the first game of the season, in the form of grey partridge. Delicious! :-)

But not quite such a good Monday

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, to add to the sniffle I've had for the last few days :-(

(On the other hand, I do now have my own desk at work!)
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We had a good lunch with my parents and grandmother yesterday, at the Angel in Market Harborough. On the way back to the station, we had a look round both St Dionysius church and the museum; and went into two bookshops (where I bought a couple of paperback crime novels; their Tolkien hardbacks were reasonably interesting, but nothing we didn't already have).

Later that day, we went swimming. So far, I've been every Saturday and Sunday that we've been at home, and I've swum two more lengths each day. If I keep this up, I'll reach half a mile by next Sunday.

We watched Fred and Ginger in "Follow the Fleet" last night. Great fun, but (in places anyway) too sad and serious. The final song-and-dance routine to "Let's face the music and dance"* was incredibly beautiful (and with nice orchestration of the music, too).

The nuthatch came back this morning! It flitted between the fence and the larger sunflower seed feeder for a few minutes.

Speaking of birds, the ornithologists among you may wish to check out this item:

Creatrix will be sidesperson at the family service this morning, this being the first Sunday of the month.

And that's all I can think of for now.

*Who else remembers Angela Rippon dancing to this on "Morecambe and Wise"?

ETA: A very happy Mothering Sunday to everyone! May the sun shine on your daffodils, and may your Simnel cake be tasty.

I am amused by the "Key Phrases - Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs)" for "Tolkien's Legendarium" on Amazon.com.

The latest posting from [livejournal.com profile] theotterteam is fun, too, although the second video is quite glitchy.

We also saw a bit of "Cat Ballou" yesterday afternoon. I'm jealous of Lee Marvin's sparkly waistcoat.

Good news

Mar. 28th, 2007 06:47 pm
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My great-aunt had her hip replacement yesterday, and is doing very well. Apparently she got out of bed today!

ETA: And, reports my grandmother, said a rude word when she did so!
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Last weekend, we went to my little cousin's wedding.

Read more... )

Action man

Mar. 19th, 2006 11:40 am
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Trying to find some "Action Man" gear for my nephew, I happened across this:

Somehow don't think he'll be getting it for his birthday present - I'm a kind, generous, loving uncle, but not *that* kind, generous and loving!


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