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I walked round to the shop to buy our usual Sunday Times. Leaving, I opened the platic around the magazine sections, and took one out to leaf through on the way home. Hmm, different front cover, must have had a redesign. Hmm, different content too ... hold on, this is from the Sunday Telegraph! As, indeed, all the magazine sections are.

Back to the shop; talk to the assistant; he checks the other copy of the Times on the shelf, only to find that it, too, has the Telegraph magazine sections in. And there were no copies of the Telegraph left on the shelf. But he went into the storeroom, and found me a Times bundle.

And one of the newspaper sections has Brian May on the cover. It's the home and garden section.
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"Puzzling results from Cern, home of the LHC, have confounded physicists - because it appears subatomic particles have exceeded the speed of light."

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Thieves steal plane fuselage and ship's anchor from MoD

Curry powder molecule 'is cheap sensor for explosives'

Priskin Joins Swans, Lambe Joins Pirates (there's nothing special about the story, I just liked the headline!)

The Glacier of Publishing via http://news.ansible.co.uk/

Electronics kit in a mint tin via http://www.boingboing.net/

Fox says 'fantasy' defence equipment spending must end (tho' disappointingly, this turns out to refer to prosaic things like aircraft carriers, not to new dragon-breeding programmes or ways of making +5 talking longswords)

Stone tools 'demand new American story'
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"Users urged to take out full allowance of library books in campaign to keep Stony Stratford branch open"

via http://www.boingboing.net/
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"Nuclear submarine 'grounded on rocks' off Skye"

"Royal Navy submarine HMS Astute has got into difficulty off Skye, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed."

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"A pub landlady has told how she discovered a car embedded in the wall of the men's toilets. Di Watson, from the Gredington Arms, in Llan y Pwll, near Wrexham, said she had been with customers on Saturday night when she heard a 'massive bang'."

"ELO's Mike Edwards killed by hay bale in freak crash."
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Appeal to keep Anglo-Saxon gold hoard in West Midlands
"Historian Dr David Starkey has launched a cash campaign to keep the largest-ever hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold in the region in which it was unearthed. The appeal, launched at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, aims to raise £3.3m to buy the Staffordshire Hoard which was discovered last July."

Snow tips North East Air Museum Vulcan bomber skyward
"The weight of snow on a museum's prized Cold War bomber has left it seemingly frozen at take-off. The Avro Vulcan B2 was found tipped backwards at the North East Air Museum in Sunderland."

Melbourne suffers hottest night as Australia swelters
"Melbourne has suffered its hottest night since 1902 as a heat wave grips southern Australia. While much of the northern hemisphere is suffering from unusually cold conditions, night-time temperatures in Melbourne have reached 34C (93F)."

ETA: Puffins' winter odyssey revealed
"Puffins from the North Sea's largest breeding colony venture much further afield during the winter than previously thought, a study has shown. More than 75% of the seabirds fitted with "geolocator" tags headed for the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, rather than staying in the North Sea."
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"An ancient Roman ruin has been discovered by builders working on the £25.6m redevelopment of the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. The townhouse, thought to date from between the late second and early third Centuries, is believed to have belonged to a wealthy citizen.

Archaeologists found the remains of the building's under-floor heating, leather shoes, seeds and a plate. Experts will examine the remains before the redevelopment work resumes."

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/8355636.stm, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/8355961.stm
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"Highland Park distillery is launching a 45-year-old whisky - which will cost a staggering £3,750. Just 290 bottles of vintage Highland Park, which are usually sold at auction, are to be released for retail.

The new release is the oldest of Highland Park's vintage releases dating back to 1964, and is to be accompanied by a full strength 40-year-old version, which will cost £2,250."


So if anyone's looking for an idea for a Christmas present for me ... ;-)
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Some of you might find this interesting -

"A US clergyman has told of how he was cured of a crippling spinal condition after praying to a 19th Century Birmingham theologian."

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Glasgow claims that it invented Chicken Tikka Masala ...

... and has called for the dish to be given Protected Designation of Origin Status.


ETA: More silliness:
I was leafing through my Amazon recommendations recently, and saw that it recommended "Blacakadder: the complete collection" on DVD. Fair enough, I thought; I'm a big Blackadder fan. Then I saw that it was being recommended to me because I owned Pevsner on the buildings of Gloucestershire. WTF???
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The Retail Prices Index has not fallen to its lowest level on record. The rate of increase in the RPI has, but the Index itself hasn't! Grrr!
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Today's Matt offers a different take on the swine flu scare:

Oxford Arthurians might want to read this:

Thirty-five favourite children's books:
List behind the cut )

"A replica 16th Century junk has sunk off Taiwan, one day short of completing an epic voyage to the US and back. The Ming dynasty-style Princess Taiping was trying to prove that China's greatest admiral, Zheng He, could have reached North America 600 years ago."

"A three-seater outside toilet in Kent has been listed as a building of special architectural and historical importance."

ETA: The art of Penguin science fiction:
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"A man convicted of drinking and driving at a Liverpool court hearing got straight into his car and drove away" !!

"Victoria Marquis, defending, said Latham thought the ban began only when he handed in his driving licence" !!!!


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