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Three good things for Sunday:
- Leicester 34 - 14 Bath
- we have been to the Wild Place; cheetahs, baboons and lemurs, oh my
- there were apple muffins for breakfast, and cheese scone for lunch.
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Saturday saw us in Bristol, for English National Ballet's Romeo and Juliet. Pretty good, though I didn't get the finer nuances.

Sunday sees us heading to Cardiff for the RWC2015 quarter final between Ireland and Argentina. An Ireland victory, after a closer game than last night's NZ - France, seems on the cards, which will suit me.


Oct. 16th, 2011 08:53 am
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Program for today:
(a) watch the rugby, while
(b) eating home-made apple muffins; then
(c) go to Dyrham Park, and then
(d) go onto Wootton Bassett to see the Vulcan fly over!; while all the time
(e) trying not to think about either yesterday's referee or the disciplinary panel.
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I have a busy morning ahead:
- collect two packets from the post office (shoes and shaving soap, I think)
- get my hair cut
- take several things to the tailor for repairs and alterations
- collect my watch from being repaired
- and maybe take some books to Oxfam.

This was very badly planned, as it is a Saturday of the World Cup. I might just get to see the rest of Fiji - South Africa, but I have no chance of making Ireland - Australia later on. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

ETA: And continuing to think about the game, there are some rugby terms you just don't seem to hear any more. "Wing forward". "First five-eighth". "No side". "End of the first day's play". "Goal from mark".


Nov. 1st, 2009 09:11 am
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Yesterday morning, I was up bright and early, and went to get my haircut. After this, we set off for Bath.

Our first stop there was Mr B's bookshop - certainly the best new bookshop ever, and a strong contender for the title of best shop ever, of any sort. We acquired a Washington Irving, a Charlotte Brontë, and a couple of presents. Then onto lunch, at the Pump Room - an amazing setting. My pork (seared tenderloin and slow-cooked belly) was delicious, and [livejournal.com profile] adaese's salmon pretty good; this was reversed when it came to the puddings, with my ginger sponge being merely good, and [livejournal.com profile] adaese's chocolate and orange tart very good indeed.

Wandering round Bath after lunch, I made a close acquaintance with a pavement. I understand it was quite a spectacular tumble, and I was rather shocked at the time; but I recovered, and now have nothing worse to show for it than a few scrapes and bruises, and some scratched glasses.

Then onto the main event - Felicity Kendal in George Bernard Shaw's play Mrs Warren's Profession, at the Theatre Royal. Very enjoyable - a "debate" or "problem" play, but with a nice leavening of wit.

Back home via the cheese shop, where we bought goats' and ewes' milk cheeses.

Bath was crowded with rugby fans, but they were as quiet and well-mannered as such people usually are. And I heard a theatre-goer asking one the result, and being told that Bath had lost, 11-12. As a Leicester Tigers supporter, this suits me just fine :-)

We watched the new Jon Culshaw programme that evening, but found it very disappointing, particularly after the success of Dead Ringers.


Oct. 6th, 2007 03:44 pm
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England 12, Australia 10 :-)
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Ex-Olympic sports:
Cricket 1900
Croquet 1900
Pigeon shooting 1900
Underwater swimming 1900
Swimming obstacle race 1900
Equestrian high & long jumps 1900
Golf 1904
Underwater long dive 1904
Standing triple jump 1904
Motorboating 1908
Real Tennis 1908
Lacrosse 1908
Standing high jump 1912
Two-handed shot put 1912
Tug of war 1920
Rugby Union 1924
Cross-country running 1924
Rope climbing 1932
Polo 1936
Callisthenics 1952
Roller hockey 1992
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If you're in range of a UK TV at 6pm this (Sunday) evening, I highly recommend "Time Team" on Channel 4. It is from Islip, where my Other Half used to live. They are searching for Edward the Confessor's chapel.

In other news - happy christening, prince_eldarion! And, for the Oxford-based people, how was "Rocky Horror"?

Yesterday's clay pigeon shooting was great fun, and my OH got a very difficult one with her last shot of the day - a gust of wind took the clay at the last moment, but she held her fire, re-adjusted her aim, and got it! (How did you like your session, emperor?) Then onto a quick Italian dinner, a colleague's production of "The King and I" - she was Uncle Thomas in the interspersed ballet. A very enjoyable evening.

Tigers beat Bath, and City drew with Reading. Slightly disappointing performance from our boys in India, though.

Today, chores, possibly a DVD (maybe Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent"), *more* emails to catch up on.
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Bl**dy appalling first-half performance by England. The last five minutes was better, but apart from that, we don't deserve to be down by as little as 13 points. I don't think anyone in a white shirt gets any credit from that little lot.
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Depressed at Leicester Tigers' loss against Wasps. Some very dubious refereeing decisions: giving 10 metres against Leicester for dissent (so-called, ie holding onto the ball), then failing to do the same when Dallaglio attacked Healey; giving another 10m for dissent when nothing happened; failing to give a penalty (or even a penalty try) when Wapss illegally knocked-on a Leicester pass; and finally completely failing to understand the relationship between the ref and the TV official.

I confess I didn't see the incident that got the players and fans incensed before half time; but then, I think TV didn;t show it, which betokens poor work on someone's part (either cameraman's, director's, or commentators').


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