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Three good things for Wednesday:
- a glass of Highland Park
- Michael Wood on BBC4
- and the prospect of the plans of the Repulse.
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Three good things for Monday:
- we had jambalaya, followed by blackberry and apple crumble, for dinner
- I accompanied mine with a bottle of porter
- The Unbelievable Truth is back on Radio 4, and University Challenge and Only Connect are about to start on BBC2.
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Three good things for Monday:
- I am home from work
- Just a Minute, University Challenge and Only Connect lie ahead
- as, possibly, does a glass of kir.
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Three good things for Saturday:
- I am reading "Churchill's Navy" (but why oh why print some pages in black on green?)
- I am drinking Kir
- there will be sweet potato pie for dinner.
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Three good things for Friday, brought to you by the letter W:
- weekend
- wine
- we can watch Mastermind later on*.

*Yes, this is probably cheating.
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Three good things for Friday:
- it's the weekend
- mmm, sherry
- Mastermind will be on later.
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'A party recently left Joe's store at Mormon Bar for the Valley, and a friend of the Star furnishes the following statistics - showing the amount of "the necessaries of life" which is required for an eight day's trip in the mountains:
8 lbs potatoes
1 bottle whisky
1 bottle pepper sauce
1 bottle whisky
1 box tea
9 lbs onions
2 bottles whisky
1 ham
11 lbs crackers
1 bottle whisky
1/2 doz sardines
2 bottles brandy (4th proof)
6 lbs sugar
1 bottle brandy (4th proof)
7 lbs cheese
2 bottles brandy (4th proof)
1 bottle pepper
5 gallons whisky
4 bottles whisky (old Bourbon)
1 small keg whisky
1 bottle of cocktails (designed for a "starter".)

- From Hutchings California Magazine, 1860.

Found by me in The American Heritage Cookbook and Illustrated History of American Eating & Drinking; With 500 Great Traditional Recipes and Historic Menus, 1964.


Feb. 4th, 2011 06:40 am
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I'm just going to put the kettle on - would anybody like a cup?
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via http://www.boingboing.net/

The Guardian's take ...

ETA: A bottle which lay hidden in Clifton Rocks Railway since the 1940s has a story to tell about Bristol.

ETA2: From this month's Ansible: Outraged Letters. Charlie Stross shares an all too familiar artistic experience: 'My editor at Ace just emailed me the art department's idea of a cover for Rule 34. / My reply was along the lines of: "You know it's set in Scotland? Handguns are illegal here. Also: policewomen don't usually wear red leather corsets on duty ..."'


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