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In my first morning back at work, I have: - found my new desk - found my pedestal - found a good chair - got my boss to tell HR that I am back at work - got two system passwords reset - deleted hundreds of emails - reminded myself that these trousers have a hole in the pocket. Pretty good going, I call that.
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No, phone, I did not want to refer to BHS; I really did want to talk about the NHS. One is a much-loved and once-respected organisation, wrecked by Tory cronies in their pursuit of profit; the other is ... oh, okay, you were right ...
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Several months ago, a key to adaese's desk fell out of sight. I checked thoroughly - the drawers, the floor beneath, under the settee, etc etc. Nothing.

Then a couple of months ago I checked again. Still nothing.

Yesterday, the key appeared in one of the desk drawers.

Should go to Specsavers ...
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Amid the many famous people who have died this year, I think this gentleman deserves a mention. He saved so many, many lives.

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- and I think the time has come for adaese and me to admit that we are not going to get round to sending Christmas cards to all of our wonderful friends and family. Please accept our apologies and please have a wonderful Christmas, New Year and holiday.
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Recent books have included:
- a re-read of Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Small Island"
- Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" (nearly finished)
- dipping into Des McHale's "Wit"
- likewise with AC Fox-Davies' "The Art of Heraldry"
- just started Christopher Priest's "The Affirmation"
- and I have been re-reading some of Saki's short stories.

Films have included:
- "The China Syndrome" on television
- "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" on DVD (along with various Fred and Ginger films).
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"Then," said Moung Thwa, turning to his neighbour, "If the people of Britain are a Democracy - "

"I never said they were a Democracy," interrupted Moung Ka placidly.

"Surely we both heard you!" exclaimed Moung Thwa.

"Not correctly," said Moung Ka. "I said they are what is called a Democracy."

The closing lines of "The Comments of Moung Ka", by Saki (H H Munro).


Nov. 14th, 2016 02:35 pm
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My current phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note 2) is nearly four years old, and showing its age. I have replaced the battery, which has helped; but for the last few weeks, the phone often hasn't been charging properly (with either battery). Is it worth (trying to) get it repaired, or will it need replacing soon anyway?
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The ramifications of the US presidential election continue to shake the world. Tonight sees Mastermind being shifted to make way for a special edition of Newsnight!
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I have taken the opportunity afforded by my convalescence to finish reading Raptor, by James Macdonald Lockhart. My mother in law GlassLady gave it to me as a birthday present earlier this year. The book covers the fifteen British bird of prey species, interweaving them with the life of the great naturalist William MacGillvray. It took me a little while to get into the book, but I am pleased that I persisted with it. Thank you, GlassLady.

I am, of course, reading several books in parallel; but I have now taken our new Folio Society copy of The Norse Myths, ed and trans Kevin Crossley-Holland, off the shelf. I have only read his introduction so far.

Others on the go include Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising (nope, never read it before) and The Knight in Medieval England, 1000 - 1400 by Peter Cross; and, just finished, The Natural History of Orkney by RJ Berry (part of my anniversary present to [livejournal.com profile] adaese earlier in the year.
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Three good things for Monday:
- Tony Hawks on The Unbelievable Truth
- University Challenge and Only Connect coming up
- leftover pie* for pudding :-)

*I like pie.

ETA: Fame at last! I have been credited in an SF Encyclopedia post on FaceBook!
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Three good things for the weekend:
- as you will have gathered, I really enjoyed my flying lesson on Saturday
- we had pot-roast beef, followed by blackberry and apple pie, for dinner
- Alice Roberts seems to be on TV a lot at the moment.
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Let's re-start the "three good things" posts:
- Bristol Water have agreed to refund the plumber's bill
- we keep finding a few more books to dispose of
- Genesis and Roger Taylor on TOTP 1982.


Oct. 10th, 2016 06:57 pm
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Saturday's, er, "incident" meant that we had water bubbling up from the ground against the wall of our house for 29 hours or so. Do I need to worry* that it might have damaged the bricks / mortar / anything else?

*Okay, this is me we're talking about; I'm going to worry anyway. Maybe the question should be, how much do I need to worry?
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The silver lining from yesterday was meeting a very fine young cat, which was trying to get into my next door neighbour's house. The next door neighbour was trying to keep him out while leaving her front door open - apparently her own cat had objected to the stranger eating her food on the previous day. A very pretty, playful cat, though.
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Three good things for Wednesday:
- a glass of Highland Park
- Michael Wood on BBC4
- and the prospect of the plans of the Repulse.
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Three good things for Tuesday:
- there are snow leopards on BBC4!
- I got an hour's CPD this evening
- did I mention the snow leopards?
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Three good things for Monday:
- we had jambalaya, followed by blackberry and apple crumble, for dinner
- I accompanied mine with a bottle of porter
- The Unbelievable Truth is back on Radio 4, and University Challenge and Only Connect are about to start on BBC2.

Thank you

Oct. 3rd, 2016 07:54 pm
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I'd like to say how much I appreciate all my friends here.


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